Poached Eggs – Angel Style

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I’ve been asked to share how I make poached eggs. Well, it’s one of those “duplication” processes; like much of life. Up until two and a half years ago, I never even had poached eggs. The first time Strat made breakfast I observed that he cooked the bacon in the oven. OK, that itself was strange to me. For my entire life, bacon was fried in a fry pan or, in the case of a restaurant, a grill surface. If that wasn’t odd enough, the next thing he did was heat a pan of water. I suppose the pan was … Continue reading

Rescued Tractor


You may recall me mentioning our tractor broke down up on the mountain side in December. We had planned to skid a downed tree down the mountain to use for firewood. The tractor, a Massey-Ferguson 245, was the piece of heavy equipment. Well, the tractor has been a good worker throughout the years and like any piece of equipment, its old and tired. At the most inopportune time, it malfunctions. Basically, it stops dead in its tracks and actually blocks access to get any of the downed wood. Long story short of that day, we managed to move the tractor … Continue reading

Sweetness and Spice


A little sweetness and spice makes things very, very nice. I’ve never thought about combining honey, red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper before. I especially never considered this combination for a pizza sauce. I will admit, making pizza was quite the challenge in the beginning. An oven is still an elusive convenience for my kitchen; meaning, I do all of my cooking and baking on a three burner stove. It took some getting used to, however, I’ve learned some tricks along the way and have gotten pretty good at it. Even the cookies are coming out more golden; minus the … Continue reading

Neighborly Love


It’s Saturday, December 14th, late morning (very late morning, for our standards). Strat and I are leisurely enjoying our morning coffee. We never expect visitors and I’ve been known to take my sweet time getting ready to greet the day, especially on Saturday’s. Well, on this day, we suddenly hear a disruption that brings both of us flying out of our chairs. Like I said, we do not expect visitors, EVER. People who come to DIAXARIS let us know, perhaps not the time frame, but the day on which they will arrive. It’s better that way. I recall one evening … Continue reading

A Magical Winter Part 2

Well, we get a call on the morning of the 22rd from Thomas. He informs us that he is coming up for a few days and, by the way, he will have a small trailer in tow. I could not believe it! There was more than four solid, compacted feet of snow on the canyon drive and there was no way we could remove the snow. This news actually set off a serious of panic attacks for me. Provisions were starting to get low. I was very concerned about fresh produce, we had been out for a few days already. … Continue reading

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